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10 Meter Long Premium Class Cable, No Nonsense

USB extension cable is a regular use item and has become a need of our modern sophisticated lifestyle. There are so many devices at my home and always the needs keep on changing. Recently I started a small office for completing the left out projects after discussing with my clients. There was need of printing & scanning frequently. The client’s time was precious so I could not imagine annoying them; due to delay in taking printout or scanning jobs. Every time my assistant has to walk to the printer carrying the notebook to take printouts or for scanning. I felt very pity for her when some client starts saying that,” I have to go, please wind up “. The printer couldn’t be brought to my working desk as the power connection was near to the entrance of 2nd room, where printer & other devices were kept.

One day it was extreme. In hurry while connecting the printer to the notebook, the printer fell from the table. I didn’t know what to do. Usually clients do not want to hear excuses for delay in project discussion due to failure of generic things like printer, scanner, graphical pad etc. I gave a complex answer to the delay while rotating the subject line in the project itself. He went away smiling. Both of us took a deep lungful of air and sat on the sofa looking at each other. What a blunder it was going to happen. My assistant said “Let us search for a USB extension cable and finish off the subject here.” I got excited, the solution was so simple and I was burning my head uselessly.

 Plugable 10 Meter (32 Foot) USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable Type A Male to A Female

But I had a doubt whether such long cable of 8-9 meter will work or not. Usually long cables consume more energy resulting in data losses. But anyways I had a solution and need to implement it immediately. I directly visited to Amazon.com, as it is my all time favorite shopping destination. I hardly have a time to visit a computer shop to buy the generic goods. So I prefer mostly online shopping. I searched but the results were poor. Mostly the USB extension cable available was of 5 meter or less length, that didn’t serve my purpose. I have heard about the name Pluggable Technologies, makers of high class cable products. And I knew that they must be having something for my need. And yes I was right; I got the detail of this 10 meter USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable Type A Male to A Female. I went through the technical details and found everything as if adapted to my expectations. I showed the item to my assistant and she also commented it to be looking good. But I still had that doubt, whether it will really work or not.

In the specification it was mentioned that cable itself consumes 66mA out of 500mA. So I was little on defensive side. But I decided to try it myself. With a hope in heart I ordered the item through free 2 day fast shipping option. The item arrived right on time, about 10 minutes before schedule arrival of my important client. My assistant connected the cable to the printer. With lots of excitement I fired a test print. “Wow” both of us screamed. It worked so fast. I even tried it with scanner & adapter, and it worked well. It was a true value for money. I recommend this USB extension cable to everybody who is looking for long extension cable which can be trusted, especially when you are in hurry, huh!

Most Consistent USB Extension Cable

I bought this high speed USB extension cable 5 days earlier from Amazon. I tried it connecting to my 3G modem and the modem hardware got installed very quickly on my new notebook. I think Media bridge company people have smartly used some good conductors to help the 6 feet long cable carry data fast without any loss. The female connector is firm and holds the modem weight quite well in hanging position also. Actually my life style is something very complicated, I am always experimenting with new multimedia and gaming devices. The notebook has only three USB 2.0 slots. While working I used one port for mouse and one for 3G Modem. So, only one slot remained free. And the left slot was overloaded with devices.

Mediabridge Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Extension Cable - (6 Feet) - A-Male to A-Female

Sometimes I needed to charge my portable pc, sometimes pen drive, sometimes for tea warmer, sometimes for USB powered vacuum cleaner and many other requirements. The main problematic thing was modem which took good amount of space and disturbed me in using other devices. Somebody told me to buy an USB extension cable with long length to use in multiple ways. In fact I bought one, 1.5 feet long cable from local market. In a day or two the cable refused to work. I got really irritated due to wastage of money. I had bought it for 22$. USB extension cable is not a gold that we should buy after thorough check. It is a generic product which can be bought by anyone who doesn’t have knowledge about its quality checkpoints.

Normally cables are quite durable and handy and don’t require much care. But the one I bought from market was really a waste of time. I started searching it over internet. In the first page of search results itself; I got the link of this Media bridge’s USB extension cable being sold at Amazon.com. The preview of price showing was $5.99. I got amazed to see such low price item and that also from a branded seller. I thought there may be some other hidden charges. But in any case I wanted to try it. So I clicked the link at once and landed on the sell page. OMG! The price was indeed $5.99. My eyes sparkled with joy.

But before buying, I thoroughly read through the technical specifications to check if it is 100% suitable for my set up. I ordered 2 numbers. One number I sent directly to my nephew and for one number I filled shipping details of my home. But there was one problem in shipping, the shopping cart item to be shipped must be of $25 and above to avail free shipping. So I got an idea. I added some more items to cart and was this able to avail ‘Free Super Saving Shipping’. The cable arrived on time. I have tried it with different devices and the cable is working quite smoothly. I also tested its data transmission rate and the results were impressive. There is a myth that, the longer a cable is the more data losses will be there, but it’s not true especially in this case. One can trust this high speed USB extension cable for all the extension needs smartly.

Great Value For A Price

Performance and durability are major considerations in a wise product choice. Having great value for the money you pay. In choosing usb extension cable, Amazon Basics provide user convenient and durable quality Gold-Plated USB connectors in 9.8 feet length. This enables access to computer connection for out-of-reach printers, cameras, USB keyboards/mouse, VoIP phones and other USB peripherals. However, it is also important to note that this cable cannot connect 2 devices since this is only an extender cable.

AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female Extension Cable (9.8 Feet3.0 Meters)

A Choice of Convenience and Durability

While peripherals are significantly used in daily activities at our working space and home, its limited length frustrates us. This limiting capacity of gadgets used can be resolved with the use of USB connectors. USB connectors in Amazon Basics extend up to 9.8 feet/3.0 meters. Just make a loop for its excess length, if any.

USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female high speed connection cable has a high quality, gold plated connector contact surfaces that help to resist corrosion for durable signal purity. Amazon Basic usb extension cable standard speed of 2.0 and full 480-Mbps transmission aids full performance of your connected devices.

Shielding features of the Amazon Basic USB 2.0 Extension Cables protects your connection from loss of bandwidth as it provide protects from interference of electromagnetic and radio signals, thus keeps a clear signal and high quality performance. This USB extension cable is also called Multi-Shielded usb extension cable.

To purchase a high quality performing product at a very affordable price is wise marketing. Amazon Basics gives you the option to give value on the money you pay for a USB 2.0 Extension Cable.

Warranty Guaranteed

You need not worry when it comes to technical product damages for it is covered with the 1-year warranty of Amazon Basics. Helpful tips are also enclosed in the product. The name of Amazon on the product is more of guaranteed quality product that will be purchased.

Shipping and Packaging

Recyclable packaging adapted by Amazon basics free you from worries on the Amazon Frustration Free Packaging giving you peace of mind on the packaging style of your purchased product. Included in the package box is the warranty card of the Amazon Basic usb extension cable. Shipping charges are carried by Amazon if product is defective, damaged and needs to be returned.   

Several gadgets cannot be discarded in the naturally flowing daily activities of men in coined computer age nowadays. These USB peripherals come along with device manuals that you can check on whether the extension needed is the USB extension cables. Amazon Basics USB 2.0 Extension Cables are robust and solidly made that can withstand plugging and unplugging actions from computers of some peripherals. This avoids greater contact to damages. The price of the commodity as compared to other usb extension cable is of greater advantage for the purchaser. The value of money by purchasing a durable USB 2.0 extension cable and other quality electronic accessories with Amazon Basics is also on top priority amongst those who purchased.

USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0: Know the Differences Between USB Extension Cable Capacity

Nowadays, it is common to hear people talking about computers, tablets, printers and of course USB cables. About three decades ago, technological advancements are not so widespread that only a few are privileged to have them. But now, everywhere you look, you will see these gadgets. Before, a computer is as big as a room but today, you can have handheld devices that can function like a computer. Developments in the technological field continue to progress and the USB extension cable is included in the list.

What is a USB cable?

It is widely known as USB, but it is the acronym for Universal Serial Bus. It is known to be the most usual connection between a host controller and a device. Host controllers are mainly located in computers but other devices like your mobile phone, printer, camera, keyboard and flash drive all uses USB. With this, you can clearly see that cables for USB play an important role in your daily life. Some devices come with a short cable but this is not a reason to worry because USB extension cable is available in stores.

Like the other gadgets, USB cables for your computer have undergone innovations. The USB 1.0 was introduced to the public in the year 1996 and since then, modifications happened mainly to improve the speed of the device. To date, USB 3.0 is the latest version but it is sure that there is still plenty of room for improvement of this model. The USB extension cable for this protocol has different length that will cater to your needs.

The difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Ask anybody who knows something about computer cables and they will automatically answer you that the main difference between the two lies in their capacity to facilitate file transfers. There are other differences though. Here is a compact list of their basic specifications to make it easier for you to compare.

You can see right away in the chart that the USB 3.0 has ten times the speed of USB 2.0. This is definitely its edge when you are all about data transfer or if you need fast speed for your connections. What to choose: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0? You will need a USB extension cable when you are working on a computer because people use plenty of gadgets at the same time and your working area cannot accommodate them all. The printer may be placed far from the computer and if you want to have a fast connection between your computer and